NetPros Computers was founded in June, 1995 to bring enterprise-level computing services to small & medium-sized businesses at competitive rates. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we can see firsthand the difficulties and the confusion that small business owners face in today's ever-changing technological environment. At NetPros Computers, we can help you navigate through your IT challenges and set you up for success by providing accurate, unbiased, and reliable advice while maintaining affordable costs. Our Microsoft-certified, professional staff is very knowledgeable in all areas of Net, Microsoft products and most desktop/business applications.


NetPros is a full Information Technologies service for all of your IT - computer needs, on site at your home or business. NetPros Computers is a consulting service that will help you figure out what kind of computer systems, applications, printers, network, server, Internet Service Provider, and security you might need. Whatever your need may be NetPros Computers will help you achieve it. NetPros Computers was formed to bring all of the knowledge and experience utilized on Fortune 500 Corporate networks to you.


Company President / Founder:


Our President has lived in the Raleigh area for almost 25 years.
He enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and enjoying time with his kids.
He has been computing ever since his father bought his first IBM XT in 1983!