BlackBerry Enterprise Services

NetPros Computers Specializes in Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) implementations in the NYC Metro Area. We can do everything from the initial installation and setup all the way to maintaining and managing your Blackberry Server. Implementing a Blackberry Enterpise Server (BES) does not have to be complicated, just let the engineers at NetPros Computers set it up for you right the first time so you can focus on more important tasks, such as building your business.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Having access to your office from your phone is quickly becoming a critical part of being able to do business in today’s marketplace. Your employees need to have full access to their emails, contacts, calendar and documents at the palm of their hand. Blackberry is leading the charge in this area with their flagship product Blackberry Enterprise Server in combination with their large selection of Blackberry devices. Blackberry Enterprise server (BES) allows your Blackberry (RIM) device to synchronize with your office mail servers, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, in real time with Blackberry's Push technology. Having real-time access to your Contacts, Calendars, and emails is the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. Not only is the synchronization done in real time, but it is also done in an extremely secure manor ensuring your corporate data stays confidential.

NetPros Computers offers full support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. From installation, to maintenance, to troubleshooting, NetPros Computers can help. BlackBerry Enterprise Server works in conjunction with your current mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise, and Zimbra. BlackBerry Enterprise Server relays messages and all other aspects of your email server to and from your BlackBerry handheld device.

Blackberry Features

With the latest release of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, your organization gains new wireless capabilities as well as access to enhanced administrative features.

Improve End User Productivity

Free-busy calendar lookup1 improves meeting scheduling on the go.

Users can view the meeting attendee availability and automatically find the next available time that attendees can meet.

Download and edit email attachments in their native file formats1 for improved productivity while users are away from their desks.

Users can save file attachments to their BlackBerry® smartphones, work on the documents and include them in replies to colleagues.

HTML email1 allows the email messages on your BlackBerry smartphone to look better than ever with tables, images, font formatting and one-click hyperlinks.

Advanced instant messaging and presence1 features include improved address book integration, IM contact “click to call”, IM session “convert to call” and advanced emoticon support.

Allows coworkers to collaborate and communicate more effectively using their BlackBerry smartphone.

Enterprise Instant Messaging and Presence Awareness Tools

Boost productivity and responsiveness by giving your employees mobile access to the enterprise IM and presence awareness tools they already use at their desk.

BlackBerry® Client for IBM® Lotus® Connections provides social software for business.

Your employees can build new connections and communicate and collaborate more easily.

Simplify Management and Support

BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager is a web-based application that is designed to lower the total cost of ownership for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. Reduces the number of BlackBerry software components installed on end-user workstations Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to install software and manage their devices using any browser-enabled computer Learn more about BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager

BlackBerry® Monitoring Service helps organizations maintain high availability and high performance of their BlackBerry Enterprise Solution infrastructure. Provides administrators with enhanced monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities Enables proactive issue identification and resolution.

Blackberry Enterprise Server Major Components Include:

  • BlackBerry Alert
  • BlackBerry Attachment Service
  • BlackBerry Collaboration Service
  • BlackBerry Controller
  • BlackBerry Database Consistency Service
  • BlackBerry MDS Connection Service
  • BlackBerry Messaging Agent
  • BlackBerry Policy Service
  • BlackBerry Instant Messaging Connector
  • BlackBerry MDS Services – Apache Tomcat Service
  • BlackBerry Router
  • BlackBerry User Administration Service
  • BlackBerry Policy Service


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