Backup Solutions

NetPros Computers offers a wide variety of backup solution for your business. Whether it is a tape backup solution, disk system, tape auto loader, tape library setup, or a disaster recovery offsite replication setup, NetPros Computers can offer you’re a complete data protection solution to help your business stay protected in the event of a disaster.

Data Redundancy and Backup Systems

A good backup system is crucial in a business environment. Don’t let a hardware failure set you back or possibly put you out of business. Take the proper precautions and set up a redundancy and backup system to protect all of your critical applications and data.

Having a well planned backup strategy is the most effective way to protect your vital data from prohibited modification, destruction, or disclosure of vital information. On behalf of virus, password cracking and hacking, electronic eavesdropping, spyware, and social engineering tactics steadily on the rise, properly backing up and storing your data has never been more important.

What is a backup?

Backup is the procedure of copying files from one medium, usually the primary location; to another location as a precaution in case the first one fails or is attacked. One of the most fundamental rules in computing is to backup your files regularly.

Regardless of how much care you take and how well your system is maintained, there is absolutely no guarantee that your data will remain safe if it exists in only one place. The cost of losing critical company data is much higher than implementing a backup system. A company whose network is exposed, once attacked or broken into, will lose thousands of dollars through loss of sale from advertising and ability to mass market services, lower per worker productivity due to network downtime or failure, legal costs in collecting evidence and prosecuting an attacker, lawsuits and fines brought against the company if confidential client information is broken into or stolen, business insurance increases, and finally what should have been done in the first place- hiring I.T. personnel- not to backup and secure data, but to determine the cause of attack and then repair the network. Some companies, like NetPros Computers for example, would actually shutdown as a result of data loss because of the nature of the data stored.

You might not realize how important your data is until it is too late. The key to prevent this type of disaster is data redundancy. You can achieve data redundancy by implementing a reliable, secure backup system. Along with a new backup system, all companies should have a disaster recovery plan implemented in case such an event occurs.

Why might a company neglect to implement a reliable and functional backup system?

There are many reasons. Some are listed below. Does this list apply to your own company?

  • Lack of understanding how important the data is because a disaster has not happened in the past.
  • Being unaware as to how to implement a backup system.
  • The belief that implementing a reliable backup system might be costly. Most companies hesitate to invest in such a system.
  • Implementing a backup system requires constant maintenance, monitoring, and testing of the system which increases operational costs.
  • The idea of a system crash seems far away.


What are the main causes of data loss?

  • Hardware or System Malfunction – 44%
  • Human Error – 32%
  • Software Application Malfunction – 14%
  • Viruses - 7%
  • Natural Disasters - 3%

Integrity Testing

Our experienced engineers test and confirm that all backups have been performed accurately and that your data is fully secured. Your network's most important functions will be carried out correctly and data will be protected from misuse by others or malfunction crashing. Backups which experience any problems are immediately repaired and re-tested. We employ enterprise software technicians to properly manage centralized data storage activities.